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S.C. MFA S.A. MIZIL is a Romanian long-standing company that operates within the defense industry. Its core business is the manufacture, upgrading, repair and sale of military fighting vehicles.


  The company has been established based on the Order no. 00316392 of the General Staff issued on March 27, 1951 and called "WORKSHOP FOR THE GENERAL REPAIR OF TANKS AND SELF-PROPELLED GUNS" with the task of ensuring the overhaul of T-34 tanks, SU-76 self-propelled guns and other types of fighting vehicles and engines.


In 01.04.1957 it turns into the "PLANT NO. 746 – GENERAL REPAIR OF FIGHTING VEHICLES" based on the Decision no. 53 released on 11.01.1957 by the Cabinet Office as a plant with its own financial management. Until 1960 it ensured the repair works to T-34 tanks, SU-76 self-propelled guns, M-72 motorcycles, V2, GAZ-203 and Maibach engines.


 Between 1960 and 1966 the company has been modernizing the T-34 tanks. Between 1966-1976 some funds are invested with the purpose to revamp the plant and to reorganize the production flows per sections: RK fighting vehicles, RK engines, reconditioning, manufacturing of specialized vehicles and spare parts, assimilation of the T55 tank repair, tool house for SDV manufacturing.


The company assimilated the repair of the T-34 and T-55 tanks belonging to the Romanian Army and performed their maintenance throughout their life cycle. Simultaneously with this activity, the company has developed manufacturing capabilities for the spare parts required during the maintenance process and has included in the production process some new items, reaching the rate of 70% of the total number of items per product.


Both the T55 tank modernization (phase I) and the manufacturing of new types of specialized vehicles are integrated between 1970 and 1980.


The plant was reorganized in compliance with the provisions of the Decree no. 162/1973 and 212/1985 of the State Council with the intention to change the profile of the activity from repair to manufacturing.


This important experience in the tank repairs that has been accumulated over the years has allowed our company to perform in the '80s the upgrading of the T-55 tank and of derivatives made on its chassis and then to switch to the manufacturing of chassis for the TR 580 and TR 85 Romanian tanks.


We hereby note that the company has been manufacturing between 1978 and 1984 a total of 200 pieces of TR 580 tank.

Between 1986 and 1989 S.C. MFA S. A. MIZIL has been manufacturing a number of 200 pieces of assembled chassis for the TR 85 tank.


Since 1983, an important step in the development of the company was the full manufacturing of the fighting vehicle for the mountain hunters MLVM, (36 pcs. during 1984 and1987), of the medium artillery tractor TMA 83 (270 pcs. during 1988 and1992), of the battle supply armoured fighting vehicle ABAL (4 pcs. in 1988), of the self-propelled 120 mm caliber shooter (21 pcs. during 1988 and 1990) and the self-propelled 122 mm caliber howitzer (42 pcs. between 1987 and 1992), all belonging to the Romanian Army, the upgrading of the T-55 tank, Phase II (since 1986), assembling of V2-55 and V2-34  engines (1981) and the assembly of the V2-55 engine with increased power (1988).


By the Government Decision no. 1329/ 21.12.1990, the plant was reorganized as the subunit in the structure of the "Army’s Industrial Group" Autonomous Management Operator under the name of "MIZIL MECHANICAL PLANT “.


Pursuant to the Government Decision no. 324/ 02.07.1997, the plant was reorganized again, that time as a subunit within the "Army’s arsenal" unincorporated Autonomous Management Operator with limited financial and economic autonomy, operating on the basis of their own financial management, having as main object of activity: the manufacturing, repairing and upgrading of armoured vehicles, specialized vehicles and service in the country and abroad.


Since 30.11.2000 the ARMY’S ARSENAL Autonomous Management Operator stops being part of the structure of the National Defence Ministry and is included in the "ROMARM" S.A.  National Company belonging to the Ministry of Industry and Resources.


By the Government Decision no. 979/ 20.07.2000, the "ROMARM" S.A. National Joint Stock Company appears by the merger of the "ROMARM" S.A. National Company with the "Army’s Arsenal" Autonomous Management Operator under the authority of the Ministry of Industry and Resources, which did not include the Mizil Mechanical Plant.


Based on the Government Decision no. 952/2001 the Mizil Mechanical Plant branch of the ROMARM S.A. National Company reorganizes under the name S.C. MFA S. A. MIZIL, which is part of the defense industry sector coordinated by the Ministry of Industry and Resources and which is state-owned.


Due to the tradition of the company in manufacturing wheeled or tracked armoured fighting vehicles and to the experience gained over the years the S.C. MFA S. A. MIZIL succeeded in winning in 1996 the competition regarding the upgrading of the MLI 84 infantry fighting vehicles and making of the derivatives on its chassis, respectively, the Battalion command post, Transmission center, Equipment Recovery tractor and MEDEVAC medical evacuation vehicle (ambulance).


The program was conducted bweteen 1996 and 2010 by a large international collaboration with famous companies from the military industry such as: RAFAEL ADVANCED DEFENSE SYSTEMS LTD., CATERPILLAR DEFENCE PRODUCTS, SAGEM DEFENCE SECURITE, RHEINMETALL DEFENCE (OERLIKON CONTRAVES), HARRIS CORPORATION, DIEHL REMSCHEID, GENERAL DYNAMICS.


The OWS-25R turret was developed together with RAFAEL; the first two turrets - the prototype - were manufactured in Israel and then a production and integration process took place. It resulted in the participation of S.C. MFA S. A. MIZIL in the manufacturing of complex items and in the integration and testing of OWS-25R turrets. (180 pcs. between 1998 and 2004). Likewise, S.C. MFA S.A. MIZIL was involved in the integration of the KBA-07 25 mm caliber cannon on the OWS-25R turret.


Between 2001 and 2010 S.C. MFA S.A. MIZIL has been manufacturing 101 pcs of MLI 84M fighting vehicles and a total of 28 vehicles derived on its chassis, respectively, the Battalion command post (6 pcs.), Transmission center (9 pcs.), Equipment recovery tractor (3 pcs.) and MEDEVAC Medical evacuation vehicle (ambulance) (10 pcs).


Between 2007 and 2010 S.C. MFA S.A. MIZIL has been manufacturing the mechanical components and participated together with RAFAEL ADVANCED DEFENSE SYSTEMS LTD to the integration of SPIKE anti-tank missile launcher on the OWS-25R turret of the MLI-84M infantry fighting vehicle (61 pcs.)


Since 2003 S.C. MFA S.A. MIZIL operates as a fully privately-owned joint stock company.      


In 2010 S.C. MFA S.A. MIZIL signed with the General Staff of the Land Forces by means of the U.M. 02494 Ploiesti and then U.M. 01144 Roman a multiannual maintenance contract for the maintenance of the MLI 84M products delivered by S.C. MFA S.A. MIZIL in previous years. The contract has been renewed once every four years.       


Today our company is involved alongside MOWAG GmbH, a division of GENERAL DYNAMICS corporation in the execution of subassemblies, mounting and testing of the chassis belonging to the PIRANHA IIIC 8x8 armoured personnel carrier (31 pcs.) that are delivered to the Romanian Ministry of Defence.


By this time we have delivered to the Ministry of Defence a total of 24 pieces of PIRANHA IIIC 8x8 armoured personnel carriers, out of which: 10 pieces in 2009, 7 pieces in 2010, 7 pieces in 2012.             



Also, S.C. MFA S.A. MIZIL presently negotiates with the Ministry of National Defence the design and manufacture of another vehicle derived on the MLI 84M chassis which is needed to equip the Romanian Land Forces in 2015-2017, respectively the 120 mm caliber self-propelled mortar on the MLI 84M chassis.



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