PartnershipsS.C. MFA S.A. MIZIL

In 2003 MFA signed a Combat Vehicles Supply Contract with the Romanian Ministry of Defense according to which the company equipped during 2004 - 2010 three battalions of the Romanian Army with MLI 84M combat vehicles and with vehicles derived on the MLI 84M chassis. These combat vehicles have been NATO certified in 2005.

As a manufacturer and integrator of combat vehicles and weapons systems, S.C. MFA S.A. Mizil is interested in concluding partnerships for various projects with the companies in the military field.

Follwing this approach MFA has concluded during 2006-2013 two important partnerships in the field of marketing and production of parts and subassemblies for military vehicles to be sold to Romanian MOD with two important companies:

- General Dynamics Land Systems - MOWAG - 2006

- Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) – 2013